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Welcome to Managing Upwards

The relation you have with your direct supervisor and other senior lawyers at your firm are probably the most important relationships of your associate career.


Welcome to Managing Upwards! Designed for practicing attorneys who want to improve their relationships with their supervisors and other senior lawyers at their firm, this course features 16 video lessons.

Course author Tony Campbell has held senior professional-development roles at AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, where he trained lawyers and non-lawyers the world over to manage and practice better. Now, Tony has teamed up with Quimbee to deliver advice and practical tips to ensure that your professional relationships are as strong as they can be.

In Chapter One, The Secrets of Managing Upwards, we’ll look at what’s involved in managing upwards, and why it’s critical to a successful career. Here, you’ll learn the challenges many associates face in managing those relationships effectively, and explore how you can build better alignment between the needs and expectations of all your supervisors and your own.

In Chapter Two, Communicating Upwards, we’ll provide you with a range of strategies for communicating more effectively with the partners and more senior associates at your firm. We’ll look at how to communicate more confidently, become a better listener, and manage a range of communication situations with tact, diplomacy, and skill. 

In the final chapter, Overcoming Challenges, we’ll explore the limits of managing upwards. This chapter focuses on tips and techniques for dealing with some of the most significant challenges associates face in managing their relationships with more senior lawyers.

It also presents techniques for building your resilience when faced with these relationship challenges; holding yourself accountable for the relationship’s success—or its failure; and getting an unsatisfactory relationship back on track.

If you complete this course, you’ll be positioned to enhance your professional reputation and successfully navigate the relationship challenges that associates face. Let’s get started!