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Introduction to Writing for Clients

The topic is client-focused legal writing and what it means in practice for individual and corporate clients.


Welcome to Writing for Clients! Designed for practicing attorneys who want to write so that their clients will love them, this course features 36 video lessons and practice exercises.

Course author Tony Campbell has held senior professional-development roles at AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, where he trained lawyers and non-lawyers the world over to write and practice better. Now, Tony has teamed up with Quimbee to deliver detailed advice and numerous practical tips to produce clear, concise, and engaging writing that will endear you to everyone who reads your work—and in the process, take your career to the next level.

Our central theme is client focus. To that end, in chapter one, Tony describes what good legal writing is to the client, and how important client focus is to building that indispensable trust. Then, Tony explains everything you need to do, before you write, to produce your best work every time.

In chapter two, you’ll learn that your writing’s number one goal is to meet the client’s needs. With that in mind, Tony explains how to craft the five essential components of any memo: the introduction, issues, facts, discussion, and conclusion 

In chapter 3, you’ll learn how lawyers’ penchant for antiquated, longwinded, and convoluted prose hurts clients. More importantly, you’ll learn numerous techniques to help you purge legalese and write like a modern lawyer.

Chapter four is loaded with hints to help you make each sentence clear, concise, engaging, and useful to your clients.

Chapter 5 will help you engage your layperson client readers. Here, Tony illuminates how to open and close your piece effectively, how to avoid pitfalls that hinder engagement, how to transition between ideas, and how to write strong, engaging paragraphs.

Finally, chapter 6 explores revising, editing, and proofreading—essential steps to avoid careless errors that confuse and alienate your clients.

If you watch all our lesson videos and try all our practice exercises, you’ll learn everything you need to make your writing what clients want it to be—clear, concise, and engaging.