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Allison Johs

Allison Johs


Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Allison C. Johs, Esq. is President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., where she provides coaching and consulting services for lawyers and law firms on practice management and marketing, including productivity, law firm operations, billing, client service, business development and social media. A former practicing lawyer and law firm manager, Allison understands the law firm environment and the daily pressures faced by lawyers trying to manage and build their business while practicing law and successfully serving their clients.

Allison is a nationally recognized speaker, presenting workshops and programs in both public and private settings for lawyers, law firms, law schools and legal organizations. She is the author of numerous published articles an practice management, business development and marketing. She writes the Legal Ease Blog, (www.legaleaseconsulting.com) and the Simple Steps column for Law Practice magazine. Her website, Lawyer Meltdown (www.lawyermeltdown.com), and her YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkygHeccTsSAv2eFmP4JZRQ) provide resources and information for lawyers about managing and building their practices. She is the co-author, with Dennis Kennedy, of Make LinkedIn Work for You: A Practical Handbook for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals ((2019), as well as a number of other books published by the ABA Law Practice Division, including How to Do More In Less Time: The Complete Guide to Increasing Your Productivity and Improving Your Bottom Line, with Daniel J. Siegel.