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Debra Doby

Debra Doby


Vaughan Baio & Partners

Debra Doby, a senior partner at Vaughan Baio & Partners, has been practicing attorney since 2011. She earned a J.D. from Vermont Law School and Masters in Law from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Debra has practiced in several areas from general litigation, intellectual property, and administrative law. She primarily concentrates her practice today on employment discrimination and worker’s compensation matter at the state and federal level. On top of her service litigating and advising her clients, Debra has written and presented on subjects including cannabis, opioids, over prescription of medications and safety.  Debra has extensive experience representing clients before the state and federal administrative law proceedings and in appellate courts, deposing medical professionals and other experts, and advising on all aspects of administrative law. Debra also serves on the Board of Generation Green, an intergenerational network and community that empowers citizens to voice their concerns to advocate for earth saving actions.

Debra also recently founded, and launched, a social media project, The Misunderstood Lawyer in an effort to help aspiring attorneys understand the weird world of law, how to succeed (and stay sane). We are covering practical topics about how to secure a job, how to bill at a firm, and how to make partner. Ultimately, our hope remains that The Misunderstood Lawyer project will be able to offer scholarships to law students and recently law graduates to help build their own firm. We provide free mentoring services for any law student. Follow us on social media @themisunderstoodlawyer.