Giugi Carminati

Giugi Carminati, LLM

Space lawyer, eDiscovery attorney, legal project manager, and former litigator

Livable Law

Dr. Giugi Carminati, Esq., JSD, is a space lawyer, an eDiscovery attorney, legal project manager, and a former litigator with over a decade of experience. Dr. Carminati has co-authored a book about space law and authored a space law textbook covering liability management for commercial human spaceflight operators. In October 2021, Dr. Carminati published a guidebook to her agile-based project management approach, The Livable Law Method. Dr. Carminati has an LLM in Space, Cyber & Telecommunications Law, and a JSD in Space Law.

Dr. Carminati is a certified legal project manager, a certified eDiscovery specialist, and a litigator with over a decade of experience. She is licensed in Texas, Colorado, California, DC, and New York. Dr. Carminati uses her decade-plus of litigation experience in federal and state courts, as well as a track record creating her own law firm (The Woman's Lawyer), to bring practical solutions to law firms.

Dr. Carminati currently works with a number of firms, both internally and externally, to provide project management services and deliver coaching so that firms can implement their own Legal Project Management solutions via Livable Law. She publishes LPM and e-discovery blog articles at Geek Like a Girl. She speaks four languages and is a PADI diving instructor. She splits her time between Hawai'i, Colorado, and Texas. She can be reached at [email protected].