Jeanann Khalife

Jeanann Khalife

Partner, Attorney-Mediator

Alternative Divorce Solutions

Jeanann Khalife, attorney-mediator is the Managing Partner at Alternative Divorce Solutions, Inc. (“ADS”).

Ms. Khalife commenced her legal career in 2012 as a litigation attorney, with a primary focus in Business and Employment Law. She enjoyed the challenging nature of the litigation realm and excelled in case management and legal argumentative construction.

As time passed, Ms. Khalife noticed that she had an inclination to do more with her legal career. She desired to utilize her legal training to positively impact her community. The question was how?

Divorce Mediation was an unexpected path in Ms. Khalife's career. However, it proved to be the path she was in search of: a challenging but positively influential path. Her first-hand experience of the positive influenced she served in people’s lives was empowering in her development as an attorney-mediator. Divorce mediation gave her the ability to provide individuals with a safe, neutral environment to talk through delicate issues that surround their divorce.

Ms. Khalife rose to Partner within a year of joining ADS in 2015. She stood side-by-side with her business partner, advocating for a better alternative for divorcing couples: mediation. It quickly became evident that while mediation worked well for ADS clients, the general public lacked an awareness and understanding of mediation. The solution was to educate about mediation, which lead the duo to developing the Podcast, Divorce Demystified.

Among her many contributions to the firm, Ms. Khalife has built upon the foundational elements of ADS, which are instrumental to our internal operation and client satisfaction. By providing a guided and educated approach to divorce mediation, client’s cases are effectively and efficiently handled. This approach has given Ms. Khalife the ability to successfully manage all three of ADS locations.

Ms. Khalife enjoys participating in speaking engagements, such as a repeat guest panelist for the M.B.A.S.C. solo practitioner section and as a guest speaker for the Inclusive Education Project Podcast. Most recently, Ms. Khalife provided a professional commentary on KFI AM 640’s Dr. Wendy Walsh Show. Additionally, Ms. Khalife enjoys mentoring aspiring attorneys through their educational journeys.