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Mark Silver

Mark Silver

Attorney & Clinical Social Worker

Criminal & Immigration Mitigation Expert

MARK S. SILVER is a lawyer and New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a doctorate in psychology and post-graduate certificate in family therapy. He is the author of several publications, including Handbook of Mitigation in Criminal and Immigration Forensics: Humanizing the Client Towards a Better Legal Outcome. Since 2002, Mark has worked as a consultant for law firms throughout the United States conducting psychosocial evaluations and writing formal forensic and mitigation reports in criminal, immigration, and personal injury cases. He has worked with thousands of clients from over 40 countries on various individual, family, and mental health issues. He has provided expert testimony for many cases in Immigration Court and lectures to lawyers in the United States on a wide range of forensic issues with case samples. He can be reached at: [email protected], or 917-608-1346, or www.MarkSSilver.com.