Susan Borke

Susan Borke



“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Susan Borke first used this simple principle as a financially-strapped college student who needed to find a way to get course credit for an unpaid internship, without paying tuition. It was one of her first successful negotiations and helped to spark her passion for teaching this strategy, and other effective negotiating techniques, to business people of every level.

Susan Borke, the Principal of BorkeWorks is passionate about helping people develop as effective negotiators. She believes no one is born a master negotiator. Great negotiation skills come from a combination of knowledge, training, and practice. Susan has over 35 years of negotiating and negotiation training experience.

Susan started her career in television finance at CBS. After law school, she practiced at a firm in Washington, DC. Susan subsequently transitioned to a 28-year career with National Geographic Society.

Susan established and ran Legal and Business Affairs for National Geographic Television for over 10 years. She went on to a successful role as Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for the National Geographic Society. During her career, Susan negotiated with domestic and international commercial companies, educational institutions, and nonprofits. She also developed and taught programs on contract basics and negotiation skills to National Geographic staff.

After retiring from the National Geographic Society, Susan founded BorkeWorks and focused on teaching people to negotiate effectively. In addition to her private corporate and nonprofit clients, Susan is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies where she teaches negotiation courses in several programs.