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Here's what you'll get with Quimbee's essay practice exams:

Fact Paterns

Real-world fact patterns

Designed to mimic a real-world law school final or an essay problem on the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), Quimbee issue spotters are purposely built to prep you for the real thing. No other library of law school essay practice exams can boast Quimbee’s quality or breadth of coverage.

Model answer

Detailed model answers

Practice-exam banks often lack grading sheets or model answers against which you can compare your work and self-assess. That’s why every Quimbee Essay Exam includes the professor’s model. So whether you’re preparing for the bar exam or studying for a law school final, Quimbee’s essay practice exams will give you everything you need to ace your test.

Grading rubric

A professional grading rubric

Research shows that students who are better able to self-assess their own work tend to make better grades. Quimbee provides a detailed, downloadable rubric to help you view your own work objectively and critically, which is the best way to build your skills and rock your answer on exam day.

iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

Access on iPhone, iPad, & Android

Quimbee's free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps make it easy to study on the go. Download Quimbee's apps in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

What law students say about Quimbee

"I used Quimbee's video lectures to study for Wills & Trusts this summer. It was the perfect supplement to my class notes. I made an A in the course and can honestly say I couldn't have done so well without Quimbee!"
"I found Quimbee's videos very helpful. It's kind of like when you're in middle school and they show the Conjunction Junction videos and you're like, "This all makes sense now." That's how I felt about the Quimbee videos. It was a nice little fun way for you to learn something or just remember something that you studied first year of law school and so I really found them super helpful."
"Quimbee has been extremely helpful during my first year. If I fall behind in reading in one class, I can look the brief up and be prepared for class. The lecture videos and accompanying quizzes are my exam prep go-tos!"
"So accurate with the right amount of detail; website is very user-friendly; love the videos and key terms. Love that there are quizzes and transcripts for the videos. Has significantly improved my understanding of the law! :)"

Frequently asked questions

Who writes Quimbee’s essay exams?

To ensure that Quimbee’s essay exams mirror, as closely as possible, the types of questions you’ll see on a real-world law school final or the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), we recruited only the best and brightest law professors we could find to write them. Those professors then worked with Quimbee’s eagle-eyed editors to create a series of issue spotters designed to ensure you’re ready on exam day. Learn more about Quimbee’s authors here.

Do Quimbee essay exams include model answers?

Of course. Law school exam banks are an incredibly useful resource for preparing for finals or the MEE, but many of the essay exams available in those banks lack a model answer or even a rubric for self-assessment. That makes it difficult to know where you stand. That’s why every Quimbee essay exam includes a professor-written model answer, so you can check your work and know where you need to focus before exam day.

What’s so special about Quimbee’s essay exams?

Quimbee has devoted extensive time and resources to ensuring that our essay exams are of the highest quality. You will not find a more meticulously written and edited database of law school essay exams anywhere. And no other database of law school essay exams is as comprehensive as Quimbee’s.

Why should I use essay exams as a study tool?

Whether you’re preparing to take a final or sit for the MEE, Quimbee’s essay exams are purpose built to make sure you’re ready for your test. Our essay exams are designed to feel like both the essays you’ll see on the MEE or a typical law-school exam. There’s no better way to prepare for these essays than to simulate the conditions of the real thing.

What subjects do Quimbee’s Essay Exams cover?

Unlimited access to Quimbee’s essay exams is included with your purchase of Quimbee’s Gold subscription, Quimbee MBE Review, or Quimbee Bar Review.

Are Quimbee’s essay exams included in my subscription?

The MBE is a 200 question, multiple-choice test administered over six hours that typically accounts for 50% of your bar exam score. The MBE was created by the NCBE and is purchased by participating state bar examiners. The MBE is administered twice per year (February and July) on a single day of the bar examination in every state and U.S. jurisdiction, except Louisiana, and tests on seven subjects: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, torts, and real property.

Can I check out Quimbee’s essay exams before I buy?

Sure thing. You can view the fact pattern for any of Quimbee’s essay exams without signing up. Simply visit the Essay Exams page and click any exam. Want to unlock the model answers? Sign up for a free trial of Quimbee Gold and get 7 days of unlimited access.