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Here's what you'll get with Quimbee's mutiple-choice questions:

Practice questions

Get unlimited access to our massive library of 6,800+ multiple-choice questions

Our application-style questions give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve learned to hypothetical fact patterns. You’ll have thousands of chances to practice selecting the correct answer options, utilizing an active approach to learning the law. Our multiple-choice questions mirror the types of questions you’ll face on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), allowing you to familiarize yourself with content you’ll encounter in the future.

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Incorrect question

Answered the question incorrectly? We’ll tell you why, so you can learn better

Every multiple-choice question in Quimbee’s library includes a detailed, expert-written answer explanation. You won’t just answer a question correctly, you’ll understand exactly why your answer is correct and why every other answer option is wrong. Multiple-choice question review reinforces your knowledge and guarantees you’ll know the law when it counts on exam day.

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Grading rubric

See how your answer choice compares to your peers

Every year, tens of thousands of students use Quimbee to prepare for classes and exams. That means that Quimbee has a lot of data about how students perform on multiple-choice questions. We put that data to work for you. Below every question, you’ll see data about the percentage of students who chose each answer option. This helps you understand when you’ve fallen for a common misconception and avoid those traps when it matters.

Quiz-grading style

Choose your quiz-grading style

Still learning the black letter law? There's nothing worse than making your way through an entire quiz and realizing you made the same mistake on half the questions. Choose to have your answers graded immediately, and firm up your knowledge before moving to the next question. Ready to take a full quiz under timed conditions? Put yourself to the test, and make sure you can keep pace on exam day. Select the option to have all your answers graded at the end of your quiz.

Quiz-grading style

Cross off answer options as you go

Need help weeding out the wrong answers? Quimbee quizzes allow you to cross off the wrong answers as you go, to help you find the right one.

iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

Available on iOS and Android

Quimbee's free iOS and Android apps make it easy for you to test your skills anytime, anywhere. Download Quimbee's apps in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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What law students have to say about Quimbee

"The quizzes are really helpful because they don't just ask basic spit-it-back type questions. But they make you apply what you just learned. SO HELPFUL."
"A preponderance of evidence would suggest that Quimbee rocks my socks off and significantly prepared me for exams."
"Not only does it break down the rules, but it also pushes your understanding and keeps you entertained with their questions to test your skills. It's so well made and entertaining, you don't realize you are learning until you realize you have the rules memorized."

Frequently asked questions

Who writes Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions?

100% of Quimbee’s content is written by the most talented law professors and attorneys out there. But creating effective multiple-choice questions is one of the most challenging tasks a legal writer faces. It’s both art and science. That’s why Quimbee hired a former editor for the National Conference of Bar Examiners to create our question-drafting standards. And every multiple-choice question writer receives extensive training on how to craft pedagogically useful questions. Learn more about Quimbee’s authors here.

Do Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions include answer explanations?

Yes! Any law professor will tell you that the best way to prepare for an exam is to spend as much time as possible answering practice questions. But nothing is more frustrating that answering practice questions with no way to know how you did. That’s why every Quimbee multiple-choice question includes a detailed answer explanation that outlines not only why the right answer was right but why each wrong answer was wrong.

Who are Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions for?

Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions are for anybody who wants an effective, efficient way to learn the law. Whether you’re preparing to take a final exam or sit for the bar exam, Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions are an ideal tool for making sure you’re ready for your test.

Why should I use multiple-choice questions as a study tool?

Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions are tailored to the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). That’s because Quimbee’s rigorous editorial standards are designed to ensure that each application-style question mimics, as closely as possible, the types of questions on the MBE. If you’re getting ready to take the MBE, you won’t find a better simulation of the exam anywhere else. And multiple-choice questions are a great way to make sure that you can properly identify rules and issues quickly. There’s no faster way to cover a broad range of topics than with multiple-choice questions.

What subjects do Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions cover?

Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions cover every subject tested on the MBE: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, property, and torts. Plus, you'll find multiple-choice questions in all the most popular 2L and 3L subjects, including conflict of laws; family law; legal ethics secured transactions; and wills, trusts, and estates.

Are Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions included in my subscription?

Yes, Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions are included in your Quimbee Gold subscription.

Can I try Quimbee’s multiple-choice questions before I buy?

Absolutely. Test yourself with Quimbee’s FREE MBE Questions anytime. Want more? Consider a 7-day trial of Quimbee’s Gold plan. You’ll get unlimited access to Quimbee’s vast library containing thousands of multiple-choice questions . . .and a whole lot more!

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