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More learning, less effort

Learning is difficult in an increasingly distracting world. We purposefully design our case brief videos to be no longer than 6 minutes in length and pair impactful visuals with key concepts. Shorter videos and intentional visual cues help reduce the amount of required memorization, allowing you to stay fully engaged, retain information more easily, and quickly recall essential facts in the classroom and on exam day.

Case briefs’ perfect complement

Case briefs’ perfect complement

The goal of our case brief videos is not to replace your readings but to provide enough visual and verbal context to set the scene, enabling you to easily recall every aspect of a case later on and survive a Socratic attack. Our conversationally written case brief videos have all the essential components of a case brief—from the facts of the case to the holding and reasoning—plus the key takeaways that traditional case briefs don’t include. Picture your favorite professor casually yet articulately explaining a case to you.


Manageable legal learning

There are hundreds of complex cases to read, dissect, and brief throughout law school. If you’ve ever felt your eyes glaze over reading case brief after case brief, you’re not alone. That’s why we created Quimbeeland. Quimbeeland is an illustrated world of characters, props, diagrams, and scenes created to help you visualize and understand even the most convoluted cases. Quimbeeland’s ultimate goal is to dissolve the intimidating nature of the material being taught so that you can easily transfer your learnings in here to your learnings out there. 

Mixed devices

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You don’t have to be at your desk to watch case brief videos. Download our app for iOS or Android so that you can watch any case brief video at the coffee shop, library, or even the park. Whether you’re watching on an iPhone, Android, iPad, or tablet, you’ll have the ability to comprehend cases in minutes wherever your day may take you.

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