Farnsworth v. Deaver

Court of Appeals of Texas, Amarillo147 S.W.3d 662 (2004)


Johnny and Janie Farnsworth (the Farnsworths) and John and Carol Deaver (the Deavers) were partners in a partnership whose business failed. At the time of dissolution, the Farnsworths had a capital account of $22,080.68 and the Deavers had one of $34,349.41. The parties did not enter into a written partnership agreement. The partnership had no assets after paying other creditors. A dispute arose in the settling of accounts which led to a trial to determine what each party was entitled to. The trial court ordered the Farnsworths to pay the Deavers $6,134.37, representing half of the difference between the two capital accounts. The Farnsworths appealed.

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