Jones v. Star Credit Corp.

Supreme Court of New York298 N.Y.S.2d 264 (1969)


Jones (the Joneses) (plaintiffs), who were welfare recipients, entered into an agreement to purchase a home freezer unit following a visit from a home salesman. In addition to the purchase price of $900, the Joneses were charged time credit charges, credit life insurance, credit property insurance and sales tax. As a result, the total price for the refrigerator at the time of purchase was $1,234.80. Uncontroverted evidence at trial demonstrated, however, that the maximum retail value of the freezer was approximately $300. At the time the Joneses commenced their action against the Star Credit Corp. (defendant) (Star) in the New York State Supreme Court, the Joneses had paid off $619.88 of this total and Star claimed that $819.81 remained due as a result of additional charges for an extension of time to pay which brought the total cost of the refrigerator to $1,439.69. The question before the court is whether the exorbitant price term makes the contract unconscionable pursuant to New York's Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

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