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1In the agency context, what is the test for the existence of actual authority?
2Must a principal expressly provide authority to an agent for the agent to have actual authority?
3What is implied authority?
4What is inherent authority?
5In the agency context, what are the possible methods for terminating an agent’s actual authority?
6In the agency context, is it possible for a principal to be unable to revoke an agent’s actual authority?
7A business owner told one of her workers that one of the owner’s commercial storage facilities had been experiencing petty theft. The owner decided...
8In the agency context, what is the test for the existence of apparent authority?
9In the agency context, what is the test for whether an agent’s apparent authority has been terminated?
10A business owner had given a worker the title of head of purchasing. The worker’s business cards had the worker’s full name and title. For three ye...
11In agency, what is ratification?
12May a principal who ratified his agent’s unauthorized actions subsequently avoid the effect of ratification under some circumstances?
13What is a disclosed principal?
14What is an undisclosed principal?
15What is a partially disclosed principal?
16Under agency law, may a principal and the principal’s agent be liable for the agent’s contracts and torts?
17In the agency context, can apparent authority exist if the principal is undisclosed?
18If a third party has notice that an agent is acting for a principal but does not know the principal’s identity (i.e., if the principal is partially...
19A woman owned a small farm and supplied produce to local grocery stores. The woman was also an agent for a national produce distributor. The nation...
20A charitable organization instructed its agent to contact a local event planner to organize an upcoming charity dinner. The agent was instructed no...
21In addition to the elements of the particular tort claim, what two additional elements must a third party establish to recover against a principal ...
22What is the test for determining whether a principal has ratified an unauthorized action?
23Can a principal ratify actions taken by an individual who was not acting or purporting to act as the principal’s agent?
24May a principal be held directly liable for an agent’s tortious conduct?
25A business owner instructed a worker, the owner’s agent, to meet with a local vendor to discuss placing a large order for supplies. The worker met ...

In the agency context, what is the test for the existence of actual authority?

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