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1What is domicile?
2In general, can a natural person be domiciled in more than one jurisdiction at the same time?
3Is mere physical relocation enough to change domicile?
4If a person has two residences, each in a different jurisdiction, and spends the same amount of time in each residence, what is the person’s domicile?
5What three types of domicile are recognized at common law?
6What is domicile of origin?
7A married couple was domiciled in State A. While vacationing in State B, the wife gave birth to the couple’s daughter. What was the daughter’s domi...
8What two elements are generally required to establish a domicile of choice?
9A man was born in State A and had lived his whole life there. The man decided to relocate to State B. He sold his house in State A, bought a house ...
10A man was convicted of a crime and involuntarily incarcerated in a state where he had never before been domiciled. Did the man automatically acquir...
11A student was born and reared in State A. She lived there with both parents (who were married at her birth and had always been domiciled in State A...
12A soldier was a lifelong domiciliary of State A. After joining the military, he was ordered to report to a military base in State B. While in State...
13Under what circumstances is domicile assigned by operation of law?
14In general, where is an unemancipated minor domiciled?
15Does an emancipated minor have legal capacity to acquire a domicile of choice?
16A 16-year-old and his parents were lifelong domiciliaries of State A. An engineering firm in State B hired the teen to work on a project, and his p...
17Is there any rule that a married person has the same domicile as his or her spouse?
18Where is a corporation’s or other business entity’s principal place of business?
19Where is a corporation domiciled?
20If an unincorporated business association is not deemed a separate legal entity from its equity owners, where is the entity generally deemed to be ...
21If an unincorporated business entity is deemed to be a distinct legal entity from its equity owners, where is it most likely to be deemed domiciled?
22Is domicile relevant in the context of personal jurisdiction?
23Is domicile generally relevant to choice-of-law problems?
24In general, what is the relevance of domicile, in the context of simply granting a divorce?
25Which jurisdiction’s rules will a court generally apply to determine domicile?
26Under what circumstances will a court apply the law of a jurisdiction other than the forum to determine domicile?
27A married couple was domiciled in State A. The wife moved to State B, intending to stay there forever. The husband filed for divorce in State A. Th...

What is domicile?

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