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Tips for Preparing for the Bar Exam in Your State

Tips for Preparing for the Bar Exam in Your State
Preparing for the bar exam is a time-intensive and stressful experience. Many bar applicants receive advice from countless sources on how to best prepare for the exam. That advice can often be conflicting, which only adds to the stress. However, there is one form of bar prep that is almost universally recommended: practice tests.

The bar exam is a unique beast; it is unlike any other exam most people have ever taken. Because of this, it’s vital that applicants properly prepare for the structure of the bar exam. Whether an examinee is taking the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) or a jurisdiction-specific exam, the bar exam requires a high level of focus over an extended period of time. Only by taking a practice exam that mimics the actual bar exam—including the right number of questions, time restraints, and varied subject areas—can an applicant get a feel for the actual conditions of the bar exam.

No matter what other tools lawyers-to-be use to prepare for the bar exam, there’s simply no replacing the value they’ll get from sitting through full-length practice tests. To best mirror the conditions of the actual bar exam, bar applicants should take their practice exams in a quiet environment, and follow the same timing and break schedule that will be utilized on their exam. By practicing in this way, examinees should be ready to show up on test day prepared not only for the content that they’ll see on the exam, but also for the test of endurance that the bar exam brings.

For more details on how best to study for the bar exam, check out Quimbee’s article on that topic.

Bar Exam Diagnostic Practice Tests

Diagnostic tests are among the most useful tools for bar applicants, because they provide the most holistic view of students’ progress and proficiency at a given point in the course. By reviewing their diagnostic results along the way, students will always know exactly which subjects they’re already good at, and which subjects require more study. 

Few bar review courses utilize diagnostic exams like Quimbee does. Quimbee Bar Review includes four diagnostic exams consisting of real, licensed questions from past bar exams. Our diagnostic exams feature 100+ real bar exam questions, covering all Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) subjects. You’ll also be able to view your results and see what areas you need to work on. Whatever bar course you choose, make sure that you'll have an opportunity to take diagnostic exams that approximate what the real multiple-choice portion of the exam will be like.

Free MBE Practice Questions

Many law schools and websites may provide a limited number of free MBE practice questions. For potential examinees who want a taste of what Quimbee Bar Review has to offer, we provide nearly 200 expert-written MBE practice questions completely free. Our free MBE practice questions are broken down into both single-subject and mixed-subject categories. Bar applicants can see what our bar exam practice tests look like without any commitment or obligation. 

Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) Practice Tests

The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is the second aspect of the UBE and consists of six 30-minute essay questions. Licensed or unlicensed prep questions should mimic the real thing as much as possible, and maybe encourage students to look for programs that include model answers, grading rubrics, or expert grading by attorneys. Quimbee Bar Review students receive personalized feedback from an attorney grader on their practice essays for the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE).  A member of our team of trained attorney graders will grade three of your essays. These graders are well-versed in the way that essays are assessed on the MEE and have experience coaching students on legal writing. Quimbee Bar Review licenses actual MEE essay questions from past bar exams, and our MEE Strategy Guide offers tips and tricks for attacking the MEE.

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Practice Tests

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is the third aspect of the UBE and consists of two 90-minute items. It tests examinees’ ability to complete a task that a beginning lawyer should be able to accomplish. Quimbee Bar Review includes 20 practice MPTs modeled after the NCBE's official test. Quimbee’s MPT practice tests are all designed to be self-graded, so applicants can see what they got right and wrong, and why.

Check out Quimbee Bar Review to access the best bar exam practice tests available, as well as MPTs grade by real lawyers! 

Quimbee Bar Review

Applicants looking for bar exam practice tests would be hard-pressed to find a better resource than Quimbee Bar Review. Quimbee Bar Review provides a total of 4,730 multiple-choice questions. This includes 1,831 real, licensed questions from past bar exams; 800 mixed-subject, MBE-style questions; and 3,500 questions in single-subject quizzes to help you practice for every topic on the bar exam. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and the bar examiners of some states make real questions from past exams available, which are often licensed by bar prep companies. Many applicants look for bar review courses that include licensed questions, because this ensures they get to see what real questions look like.

Few other bar prep providers offer the comprehensive coverage of Quimbee Bar Review. We can encourage students to ask any bar prep provider they're considering how many questions that provider offers.