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Rights and Obligations among All Co-Tenants II

Rights and Obligations among All Co-Tenants II

Explore further the rights and obligations among co-tenants with this look at the right of each co-tenant to possess the property, the right to collect rent from third parties and other co-tenants, and the co-tenants' rights to profits from the exploitation of natural resources on the property.


Welcome to Rights and Obligations among Co-Tenants, part II: Possession, Rents, and Profits!

In this clip, we’ll be discussing the co-tenants’ rights to possess the property. We’ll spend much of this clip discussing important issues that arise when less than all co-tenants (often just one) actually possess the property. We’ll also discuss the co-tenants’ rights to collect rents and other revenues related to the property both from one another and from outside third-party lessees.

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