Trespass to Land and Chattels

Trespass to Land and Chattels

Discover the elements of the most important torts to property (i.e. trespass to land and chattels) and the requirements for a finding of liability for invading real property or depriving a lawful owner of her interest in personal property.


Trespass to Land and Chattel

In this video, we'll first talk about trespass to land, which is fairly simple. Then, we'll talk about trespass to chattels and conversion of chattels, which are more complicated.

I. Trespass to Land

Trespass to land is the (1) intentional, (2) unlawful, (3) physical invasion of real property, (4) as to which the plaintiff is the rightful owner or is otherwise the person with rightful exclusive possession and control over the property (such as a lessee).