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Visas for Crime Victims and Witnesses

This lesson will address two immigrant visas (VAWA visas and Special Immigrant Visas for juveniles) and three nonimmigrant visas (S, T, and U visas) for certain crime victims and witnesses.


Immigrant and nonimmigrant visas are given to certain crime victims and witnesses. They include two immigrant visas, which are VAWA visas and special immigrant visas for abused or neglected juveniles, and three nonimmigrant visas, which are S, T, and U visas.

I. VAWA Immigrant Visas for Abused Noncitizens

The Violence Against Women Act of 1994, called VAWA, created a special type of visa for noncitizen parents, spouses, and children of abusive United States citizens and LPRs. Before VAWA, these...